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Dear Friend,

The most important thing in life is to have a personal relationship with the Creator God.  He made you and He gives you life each day.  His Son, Jesus Christ died for you and is coming back for you soon.  In the mean time He wants to help you to have the very best possible life.  That can only come as you let Him lead you every day.  We are not smart enough to guide ourselves.  We cannot see the future so we don't know whether to do this or that.  But He knows your future and He wants to guide you.  He has placed in His word everything we need to guide us home.  Furthermore He has sent His Holy Spirit to help us see what is there in His word.  

So every day we need to spend time in His word.  We need to listen to His Spirit and learn the lessons that are there for us.  How foolish it is to try to figure things out on your own when the Holy Spirit has carefully written down just what you need to know.  What excuse can I plead when I mess up if I did not even read and listen to the instructions.  

It is not Rocket Science.  All it requires is a Bible, a pen, a piece of paper or a notebook, a quiet heart and about 40 minutes of time.

  1. Read the bible passage for the day.  (Click here for a Yearly Bible Reading plan.)
  2. Choose the one Scripture that most impresses you from the days reading.  Write out that Scripture.  
  3. Write out what you observe from that Scripture.  
  4. Write out how that Scripture and Observation apply to your life.  
  5. Write out a prayer to God for help in applying that Scripture to your life.
That is it.  Follow this simple plan and see what God does for your life.  


Personal Information about Pastor Brauer

      I grew up as a missionary kid in Egypt and Lebanon.  In 1966 my parents moved to Colorado.  I graduated from Union College where I met my native South Dakota wife.  We have been in Minnesota for 33 years. 

      Our family moved to Duluth, Minnesota in 1980 from Durango, Colorado.  I was the Pastor for the Duluth and Grand Marais churches until 1989.  Then we moved to Hutchinson.  I pastored the Hutchinson church until 1998.  During those years I also spent some time pastoring the Morgan and Arlington SDA churches.  We moved to Brainerd in 1998.  There I pastored the Brainerd and Aitkin SDA Churches. 

     We moved to the Mankato District in 2010.  For 4 1/2 years I worked with the Mankato, Arlington, Le Center and Redwood Falls churches.  As of March 1, 2015 my responsibilities were adjusted so that now I work with the Mankato, Arlington, Le Center, Faribault and Owatonna Churches.  This change means that I am able to be present in any particular church less often.  Our local elders and other talented lay people fill the pulpit on the Sabbaths when I am absent.  You can check to see who is preaching on any of the upcoming weekends by clicking here.

     If you would like me to visit or if you want to make an appointment to meet me at the church, just call 507 340- 7143 or email me at rcbrauer@gmail.com.