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Ellen G. White?

Seventh-day Adventists believe that one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is the gift of prophecy. This gift has endured from Adam through the Old Testament and New Testament times, and will endure to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. This gift is an identifying mark of the remnant church and was manifested in the modern era in the writings of Ellen G. White. As the Lord's messenger, her writings are a continuing and authoritative source of truth which provide for the church comfort, guidance, instruction and correction. They also make clear that the Bible is the standard by which all teaching and experience must be tested.

The ministry of Ellen G. White was very important in the formative years of the Seventh-day Adventist church, and her writings provide spiritual nurture, encouragement and guidance to millions today around the world. Below is the only official Seventh-day Adventist website which shares the ministry of Ellen G. White.

It is our prayer that as you read the writings of Ellen G. White your heart and mind will continue to grow closer to Jesus Christ, who alone is the 'author and finisher of our faith'.
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